Motion Design for Mobile Apps


Learn to create beautiful apps for iOS from a former Apple UI/Motion Designer on the Human Interface team

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Plug Conference

Last year I had the privilege to be the Keynote speaker at the Plug conference in Buenos Aires. It was the perfect way to end my two week trip to Argentina, which included a four day workshop with the talented folks at Aerolab and Indicius....

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mobile navigation structures

Mobile Navigation Design Fundamentals

There are many different ways to structure navigation when building a mobile app. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, the content of the app itself will dictate the type of navigation. But how do we know which one to use?...

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Xapo iOS app redesign

3 Animations that Brought the Xapo App to Life

Banking apps are boring. They're supposed to be, right? Whats exciting about checking your balance statements? Well, considering we use these apps on a daily basis, they should be much more interesting to use. Where some expect dull design, I see a whole category of...

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