Do you want to create engaging interfaces and memorable mobile apps? The Kinetic UI was created to show you how. Whether you’re a student, seasoned designer, or entrepreneur – this site will help you up your digital game. Together, we’ll be examining motion design techniques, UI patterns, and inspiration for your next creation.


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About Me


Hi, I’m Craig, and if you have used an Apple device, you’ve seen my work. On the Human Interface team, I helped create and animate the interfaces seen on every Apple device. I was heavily involved in the iOS 7 redesign, the new look of Siri, and the integration of 3D touch in iOS 9. Feel free to check out my portfolio


My new mission is to help other designers and companies elevate their apps through animation. I started the Kinetic UI to share my knowledge and love for all things UI and Motion Design.


Outside of design I love to be outdoors and travel. I recently took a year off work to explore the other side of the world. I carried a backpack around Southeast Asia, lived in a van in New Zealand, and explored Australia, Japan, South Korea, and China. I’ve caught the travel bug and¬†now¬†always looking for the next adventure!

Additional Projects

App Animations


Every good designer needs a place to go for inspiration. App Animations is a gallery of beautiful iOS animations. Head on over to browse animations by their patterns and style, save your favorites, and even embed them on your own sites.

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