Announcing App Animations: Beautiful iOS Animations

Since creating the KineticUI, I’ve collected a lot of video captures of iOS apps. Trying to organize and catalogue them all on my computer has been a bit of a pain. So I thought, why not build something where I can organize and sort though all these renders? And better yet, why not put it online for others to benefit from? Well I’ve done just that. Head on over to App Animations where you can get inspired from a large collection of other beautiful iOS app animations.


Heres what you can expect from the site:

Easy Sorting


The site tags each video with its interaction pattern (things like loading sequences, buttons, and navigation) as well as animation styles (blur, bounce, parallax and much more). This allows you to find examples of animation styles you may have in mind for your next app design. As the site grows, this sorting feature will become even more valuable.

Collect Them All!


Found an animation you love? Go ahead and register on the site and save all the favorites you want. This is a great place to collect specific animation examples for inspiration on your next app design.



Do you have your own blog about design? If you need some examples of iOS animations for your next post, just click the embed button under each video. You can put the videos anywhere you like. All the videos are hosted on SproutVideo so you’ll never have to worry about slow loading times.

High Quality Captures


I wanted to make sure every app looks exactly as the creators intended, so I’m using the most current hardware, the iPhone 6. Designers are now focusing on designing for larger screens sizes and I want to ensure you see the app as they intended.

Mobile Ready


Go ahead, visit App Animations on your iPhone, its looks great. Videos will play full screen on your iPhone and loop for as long as you need them. It feels much better to see these animation on the device they are intended for.

Have you made any iOS apps that displays awesome animations? Let me know and I’ll add it to the collection for all to see!

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